wpa Worm Gear Speed Reducer Gear Box



WPA worm gear speed reducer Specifications:

1.widely used intubines,shaft liners and axletrees,goog resistance to wear,with precision in dimensions, low noise,advanced centric running castings.

2.with air vent and high precisio.

3.the structure is compact and the weight is large.

4.Various kinds of worm gearbox(also combinations). Pls see some of our worm gearbox products.



Modulates velocity stable,the life long outward appearance is fine,speed control,the product performance is well,durable the speed reducers can meetwith the client’s special requirement physical distribution quickly, a quality assurance year.


Product Details

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Eight reasons to choose us:

1. Perfect service system and after-sale protection.

2. Quality problems will be solved within 24hours.

3. One-to-one customer service tracking processing.

4. Companies carry out the ERP management, improve enterprise fast response.

5. Quality assurance, one year warranty.

6. Supporting professional matched other equipments.

7. The company has more than one product testing units, the implementation of ISO9001: 2015.

8. Unique development and design capabilities to meet the needs of special-purpose equipment manufacturing.


Five Core strengths:

1. The first domestic independent R & D manufacturer and 13 years of professional manufacturing.

2. Casting exquisite, beautiful, practical and durable.

3. Complete specifications, cost-effective and spot supply.

4. Independent research and development, special specifications can be customized.

5. Selected materials, high-tech treatment, up to the international standard test.


The competitive advantage of product line:

The company can provide OEM and ODM services.

Production Capacity:

Product Line Name Production Line Capacity Actual Units Produced(Previous Year)
Industrial Clutch; Industrial Brake; Motor; Worm Reducer; Air Shaft Industrial Clutch: 5,800 Sets / Month, Industrial Brake: 6,200 Sets / Month, Motor: 4,200 Sets / Month, Worm Reducer: 4,800 Sets / Month, Air Shaft: 4,800 Sets / Month Industrial Clutch: 58,000 Sets, Industrial Brake: 62,000 Sets, Motor: 42,000 Sets, Worm Reducer: 48,000 Sets, Air Shaft: 48,000 Sets



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